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USA Coin Appraisals

Gold CoinFind out what your coins are worth. Joe Andrews has been collecting and appraising American coins for more than 30 years.

More Info: jdacoinappraisals.com

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Joe Andrews is the author of multiple books and articles about card games, providing his readers with advanced strategies for more competitive play.

In addition to his writing accomplishments, Mr. Andrews was a contractor and consultant for several organizations and Internet Classic Gaming sites, most notably, the Microsoft Gaming Zone and the United States Playing Card Company (maker of Bicycle® Playing Cards). Joe was also a frequent guest on “The Jordan Rich Show” which aired on WBZ Radio 1030 AM.

Joe is the Founder of the World Series of Spades, Hearts, Euchre, and Pinochle. (1999 - 2010)  He is a contractor for Demand Media, Inc. and Cases' Ladder.

As a competitive card player, Joe has won over 100 tournaments, and has been playing in card tournaments for over 30 years.

Joe Andrews is the author of five books on card games and two music books, including:

    1. Music BooksThe Complete Win SeriesThe Complete Win at Euchre
    2. The Complete Win at Hearts
    3. The Complete Win at Spades
    4. The Complete Win at Whist
    5. The Complete Win at Barbu
    6. Music, Music, Music
    7. Rock Roll and Reminisce

Additionally, Joe has previously written articles for GAMES on the card games Spades, Euchre, and Bid Whist.